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Consultations & Fees

My Intentions


Throughout the course of my journey to becoming a Nutritional Therapist, I have learnt so much and feel driven now to share the knowledge I have gained with others, who also want to improve their current state of health.

Treating each person on an individual basis is the key to gaining the best results from a plan. During my consultations I aim to support a person on their journey to reach their optimum state of health and wellbeing by using a science based approach to nutrition, as well as my MIND, BODY & PLATE principles.

In depth case taking also enables me to reach a better understanding about any underlying causes to symptom manifestation, taking into account the many different factors necessary to consider when creating a complete wellness plan.

I am here to help you work out the exact quantities of what you need to reach your goals. Working with you to create an achievable, tailor made plan, with the aim to empowering you to feel the best you can.



Prior To Consultation;

I will send you my terms of engagement as well as a pre-appointment questionnaire and food diary to complete and return before our meeting.

Initial Consultation;

During this 90 minute period we will discuss the following points using an in-depth method of case history evaluation;

  • Any symptoms you may have
  • Your health concerns or queries
  • All general health questions
  • Your full medical history
  • All of the systems of the body
  • Your current food intake based on your food diary and an assessment of your nutritional needs

Post Consultation;

I will provide you with a personalised and achievable Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan to suit your needs and support your body towards maintaining optimum health. If and when necessary I suggest will suggest testing and/or recommended nutritional supplements. I will also provide you with resources, recipes and handouts to help you reach your goals. Telephone and email support is also on offer as required, within reason.

Follow Ups;

During a follow up we will discuss your progress with the initial plan as well as assess any new symptoms or requirements. Any test results can be explained where necessary and a new plan, building upon the first will be put together for your needs post consultation. New recipes, supplements and testing suggestions will also be proposed based on the development of your health needs.



Initial Adult – £80
Initial Child – £40
Follow Up – £40
Packages – Initial & Follow Up £110

If you would like to make use of a free 30 minute phone consultation with me just click the ‘GET IN TOUCH’ button below and fill in the contact form to arrange.


Phone: +447789002491