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Recipe Development & Food Styling

Recipe Development; Over the years I have enjoyed developing menus for a range of different brands, establishments and boutique hotels. From developing a hot sauce for ‘Hip Hop Brunch’, London to working as head chef out in the luxury ‘Villa Allegra’ in Greece, to ‘The Sun House’ in Galle, Sri Lanka, ‘La Rosarie’ in the Atlas mountains, Morocco, and ‘Olerai’ in Arusha, Tanzania, working far and wide has shown me how to use a range of different ingredients and food sources to suit a wide range of cuisines.

From onsite chef training to writing recipes specifically to suit any brand, environment or brief, whatever the aim, it’s a great process to be able to create delicious recipes to suite a range of different people and places.

Growth and development are the most exciting areas to peruse and I look forward to working with you if you would like to develop any recipes/ menus, in the UK or further afield.

Food Styling; Coming from a background of styling and photoshoots (my mum was an art director), I have always loved making things look great and I can’t stop until everything is just right (I enjoy it so much, it must be in the blood)!

Having had experience working on a number of different shoots such as Kirstie Allsopps ‘Handmade Home’, Thomasina Miers’s ‘Chilli Notes’ cookbook, Pearl Lowes book ‘Faded Glamour’ and a Lurpak Advert I was featured in called ‘Game On Cooks On’ (link in publications) I feel confident to provide all the necessities to ensure a smooth production.  As well as cooking for my own client’s photoshoots and events I enjoy being a part of the process and seeing all the elements come together, working on a range of different food styling jobs, from big to small.

Please contact me for more information on my day rates for food styling for photoshoots, films and more.


Phone: +447789002491