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Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy uses the application of food and lifestyle changes, to promote and restore wellbeing. It is true, what we put into, onto and surround our bodies with can have a profound affect on our general health. As we are now surrounded by so many things which can impact our lives on a day to day basis, it is more crucial than ever for us to gain awareness of the simple, yet often overlooked changes we can make to enable our bodies to thrive.

By treating each person as a whole, Nutritional Therapists look at getting to the root cause of a problem rather than just covering up the symptoms. This is made possible by using a range of tools such as an initial, in-depth case history consultation, and later, alongside specific functional testing should it be required. This method enables us to highlight potential triggers and drivers, which may be contributing to a disease and to build up a clearer picture of each individual’s health history, from conception right up to where they are today. This approach allows each person to take back control over their own health, restoring balance and supporting the body’s innate, natural healing mechanisms, to encourage and maintain wellness.

Using a functional medicine model, alongside science-based evidence and research, Nutritional Therapy views illness with a holistic approach. Focusing on the prevention of illness and promotion of wellness, targeted interventions, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, as well as supplementation when necessary, aims to support a person on their journey towards achieving their true health and vitality.

How Can It Benefit Me?

Suitable for all ages and individuals with or without health issues, the right nutrition can help people to achieve a range of different goals. Weather it be simply wanting to learn about what eating a healthy diet consists of, to addressing a more specific health concern or aim, Nutritional Therapy can offer something to everyone. As it turns out, nutrient are powerful little things that have influence over our bodies in many ways, including functionality, protecting against disease, restoring optimum health and determining our response to environmental factors.

Recognised as a complementary medicine as therapists we work alongside medical professionals to support many different chronic health conditions, as well as simply empowering those who just want to improve their own health for the better. Nutritional Therapy is not used as a replacement for medical advice, so no medication is to be stopped, increased or reduced unless directed first by a medical professional. We work closely with the medical industry to ensure the best support for each client is achieved and to make sure nothing is missed.

If you are looking for an effective way to support or improve symptoms occurring from a particular chronic disease please see the list below to see if you could benefit from a personalised plan;

✓    Allergies

✓    Asthma

✓    Cancer Support – (pre, post & through all stages of treatment)

✓    Depression, Anxiety & Low Mood

✓    Diabetes, Blood Sugar Balance & Metabolic Syndrome

✓    Digestive Disturbance – Bloating, IBS, Reflux

✓    Fatigue, Low Energy

✓    Fertility Problems

✓    Food Intolerances & Sensitivities

✓    Gut Health

✓    Heart Disease & Circulatory Problems

✓    Hormonal Imbalance – Endometriosis, Menopause, PCOS

✓    Hypertension

✓    Infections

✓    Inflammatory Bowel Disease -Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis

✓    Migraines & Headaches

✓    Neurological Diseases

✓    Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis

✓    Skin Health -Acne, Excema, Psoriasis

✓    Sleep Issues

✓    Stress

✓    Thyroid Health

✓    Weight Management

Diagnostic Testing

Choosing to use functional testing allows a client and practitioner gain a greater understanding of possible underlying issues, which may be behind the particular symptoms or disease.

Identifying or ruling out suspected drivers, specific nutritional imbalances as well as possible genetic defects which may be contributing health concerns can enable progress to occur in the form targeted interventions and protocols of a more specific nature.

When necessary, I work with a number of different laboratories, offering a range of different diagnostic testing to delve deeper into an issue and achieve the best results for my clients.  The companies I use are reputable, trustworthy and have proven track records.

Here is a list of a few of companies I work with for you to explore if you would like to find out more;

Cyrex Laboratories for multi-tissue antibody testing

Lorisian for allergy & intolerance testing

Precision Analytical Inc. for hormone & adrenal profiles

Genova Diagnostics for digestive system and stool analysis


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